NKI-RS Lite ReleasesΒΆ

NKI-RS Lite releases contain MRI data and only basic phenotypic information (age, sex, handedness). The following scans are included for each subject:

  • Anatomical (MPRAGE)
  • Diffusion Tensor Imaging (137 Directions)
  • Resting Functional (TR = 645ms, Multiband)
  • Resting Functional (TR = 1400ms, Multiband)
  • Resting Functional (TR = 2500ms)
  • Visual Checkerboard (TR = 645ms, Multiband)
  • Visual Checkerboard (TR = 1400ms, Multiband)
  • Breath Hold (TR = 1400ms, Multiband)

Anonymized image data is available in either DICOM or NIfTI file formats. Each scan folder also includes a JSON file containing information on scan parameters and file provenance (any changes made to the image since it came out of the scanner).

In order to access NKI-RS Lite data, users must be logged into NITRC at the time of download and registered with the 1000 Functional Connectomes Project.

Alternatively, you may download some of the NKI-RS lite data from Amazon Web Services S3 by following the instructions here.

A permission error message will occur if you are not logged in and properly registered. New users can register here.

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